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Who should buy this bundle?

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Why Should you join this Bundle

Don't miss this chance to get ahead in your life

  • Correct

    This is the perfect First-level AI Skills bundle which provides the necessary guidance for your stable future

  • Conceptual

    You gain a strong foundation in AI as you learn from the Concepts and progress into Technology.

  • Comprehensive

    You get a Holistic Learning aligned to the Best Global Curriculum Standards in Artificial Intelligence.

Where our Successful Students come from

Global Presence

By the end of this bundle, you'll learn how to...

  • Visualize breakthrough Solutions

    Learn how AI can solve Big problems in Society and how you can use AI in your daily life

  • Position yourself

    Learning AI Concepts will provide you a strong foundation. You will be able to showcase your knowledge and skills while applying for your higher studies and to win global competitions

  • Plan your future

    You will get to know about multiple AI topics. This will help you and your parents on what to study next and what AI Skills to acquire


Learn from the Best

WiselyWise Team

Senior Instructor

WiselyWise team comprises of Senior Industry Experts, Academics, Thought Leaders, and Domain Specialists. Together they have created an industry-relevant, skill-focused course based on solid learning methodologies. The team also presents to Live classes worldwide engages in Research, Consults senior executives and executes real-world projects. You can bank on their decades long expertise and experience for your course.
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What do you get

We have included custom value-adds so you get more return for your money invested in this bundle

  • You get full bundle access 24 hours for a full year

  • Digital Completion Certificate

  • You can use any Device to access the bundle as our platform is fully responsive

  • Free Access to Invite-Only Community

  • Free and Complete Access to updated Knowledgebase

  • Free Bundle Updates for One Full Year

  • Multiple Support Channels


  • What are the pre-requisites for this bundle?

    You need to be comfortable using a computer. There are no programming pre-requisites for this bundle.

  • How long do I have access?

    you have access for one full year ( 12 months) from the date of your joining.

  • I don't have a Computer Science background. Can I still join?

    Yes, you can join. The course has been designed with everyone in mind.

  • What courses should I take after this bundle?

    Please check the Learning Paths link at the Top of the page. you can then decide to buy the next suitable bundle here.

  • I am keen, What resources do I need to start learning?

    Great! After you enroll in the bundle, you will automatically get access to the course content. You just need a good computer, strong internet connection and Chrome browser.

  • Will you ask me to buy additional resources after I start the bundle?

    No, you need not buy any other resources after you enroll. During the bundle we may refer to resources for your understanding but we don't insist that you buy the same.

  • I have more questions. Where can I search for answers?

    We like your interest. You can click on our Knowledgebase link for additional questions and answers:

  • How long is the Bundle?

    We have timed the bundle to be completed in 40 hours. You could do one hour every week and still comfortably complete it in a year.

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“Helped our students to pro-actively prepare for a better future”

Principal, Leading Institution

“Most Enriching course that I have ever attended at school”

Student, International School

“Most fun and easy course for me to do”

Girl Student


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