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Machine learning is the discipline of having computers to do without being expressly programmed. In the last decade, machine learning has made us self-driving cars, useful language identification, efficient network search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. Machine learning is so pervasive nowadays that you likely take it dozens of times a day without experiencing it. Some researchers also believe it is the best choice to do progression towards human-level Al. In the course, you can learn about the most powerful machine learning techniques, and gain knowledge by applying them and getting them to be for yourself. More importantly, you'll learn about not just the academic underpinnings of education, but also gain the useful know-how required to rapidly and strongly apply these techniques in the current trends.


  • Company Management who want their employees to acquire the correct Artificial Intelligence Skills before its too late

  • Industry Executives who want to upgrade their Skills in Artificial Intelligence and need the right course which helps them do that

  • College Students who are concerned about their outdated Skills and aren't sure how to gain AI skills which can help them get jobs

  • Faculty who are looking to quickly update their AI Knowledge so they can continue to be relevant in their positions

  • Professionals - Doctors, Lawyers, CAs, who must upgrade their Practice in an increasingly AI-dominated world

Why Should you join this Course

Don't miss this chance to get ahead in your life

  • Correct

    This is the perfect First-level AI Skills course which provides the necessary guidance for your stable future

  • Conceptual

    You gain a strong foundation in AI as you learn from the Concepts and progress into Technology.

  • Comprehensive

    You get a Holistic Learning aligned to the Best Global Curriculum Standards in Artificial Intelligence.

By the end of this course, you'll learn how to...

  • Visualize breakthrough Solutions

    Learn how to use AI to create significant solutions to solve industry and societal problems that will position you as the Go-To Person

  • Position yourself

    Learning AI Concepts will provide you a strong foundation. You will be able to showcase your knowledge and skills to your boss or new employer to land your lucrative job.

  • Plan your future

    You will get to know about multiple AI topics. This will help you and your parents on what to study next and what AI Skills to acquire

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Section 1: Introduction

    • Intro & Learning Outcomes

    • Course Introduction

    • Ebook: Dive into Deep Learning

    • Class Survey

  • 2

    Machine Learning: Intro

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Introduction to Machine Learning 1

    • Introduction to Machine Learning 2

    • Class Survey

  • 3

    Sample ML Model

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Sample ML Model

    • Instructions - Lab for Sample ML Model

    • Lab for Sample ML Model Walkthrough

    • Code for Sample ML Model

    • Dataset for sample ML Model Lab

    • Class Survey

  • 4

    Model Evaluation

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Model Evaluation 1

    • Model Evaluation 2

    • Class Survey

  • 5

    Exploratory Data Analysis

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Exploratory Data Analysis 1

    • Exploratory Data Analysis 2

    • Instructions - Lab for Exploratory Data Analysis

    • Lab for Exploratory Data Analysis

    • Code for Exploratory Data Analysis

    • Dataset for Exploratory Data Analysis

    • Class Survey

  • 6

    K Nearest Neighbors

    • Learning Outcomes

    • K Nearest Neighbors (KNN) 1

    • K Nearest Neighbors 2

    • Instructions - Lab for K Nearest Neighbors

    • Lab for K Nearest Neighbors

    • Code for K Nearest Neighbors

    • Dataset for K Nearest Neighbors

    • Class Survey

  • 7

    Final Project

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Instructions - Lab for Final Project

    • Lab for Final Project

    • Code for Final Project

    • Dataset for Final Project

    • Class Survey

  • 8


    • Quiz

  • 9

    Bonus : Using Jupyter Notebooks on AWS Sagemaker

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Bonus : Using Jupyter Notebooks on AWS Sagemaker

    • Looking Ahead in the course

    • Class Survey

  • 10

    Lab Submission Details

    • Your Lab Details

    • Pre-requisite to get your Certificate

  • 11

    Section 2: Introduction

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Introduction

    • Class Survey

  • 12

    Feature Engineering

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Feature Engineering 1

    • Feature Engineering 2

    • Class Survey

  • 13

    Tree Based Models

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Tree Based Models 1

    • Tree Based Models 2

    • Instructions - Lab for Tree Based Models

    • Lab for Tree Based Models

    • Code for Tree Based Models

    • Dataset for Tree Based Models

    • Class Survey

  • 14


    • Learning Outcomes

    • Bagging

    • Class Survey

  • 15

    Hyperparameter Tuning

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Hyperparameter Tuning

    • Hyperparameter Tuning 2

  • 16

    AWS AI/ML Services

    • Learning Outcomes

    • AWS AI/ML Services

    • AWS Sagemaker

    • Instructions - Lab for AWS SageMaker

    • Lab for AWS SageMaker

    • Code for AWS Sagemaker

    • Dataset for AWS Sagemaker

  • 17


    • Quiz

  • 18

    Section 3: Introduction

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Introduction

    • Class Survey

  • 19

    Optimization, Regression Models and Regularization

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Optimization

    • Regression Models

    • Optimization, Regression Models and Regularization

    • Class Survey

  • 20


    • Learning Outcomes

    • Boosting

    • Boosting 2

    • Class Survey

  • 21

    Neural Networks

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Neural Networks

    • Neural Networks and AutoML

    • Instructions - Lab for Neural Networks

    • Lab for Neural Networks

    • Code for Neural networks

    • Dataset for Neural Network

    • Class Survey

  • 22

    MX Net

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Instructions - Lab for MXNet

    • Lab for MXNet

    • Code for MXNet

    • Class Survey

  • 23

    Auto ML

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Auto ML

    • Instruction for Auto ML Lab

    • Code for Auto ML

    • Lab for Auto ML

    • Dataset for Auto ML

    • Class Survey

  • 24


    • Quiz

  • 25

    Key Algorithms

    • Key Machine Learning Alogrithms


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  • What are the pre-requisites for this course?

    You need to be comfortable using a computer. There are no programming pre-requisites for this course.

  • How long do I have access?

    you have access for one full year ( 12 months) from the date of your joining.

  • I dont have a Computer Science background. Can I still join?

    Yes you can join. The course has been designed with everyone in mind.

  • What courses should I take after this course?

    Please check the Learning Paths link at the Top of the page. you can then decide to buy the next suitable course here.

  • I am keen, What resources do I need to start learning?

    Great! After you enroll in the course, you will automatically get access to the course content. You just need a good computer, strong internet connection and Chrome browser.

  • Will you ask me to buy additional resources after I start the course?

    No, you need not buy any other resources after you enroll. During the course we may refer to resources for your understanding but we don't insist that you buy the same.

  • I have more questions. Where can I search for answers?

    We like your interest. You can click on our Knowledgebase link for additional questions and answers:

  • How long is the Course?

    Our Course is 40 hours long.


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