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We have created a shiny new course exclusively for our facilitators who teach our AI Courses through WiseCentral. The course covers latest teaching methods based on global research, collection of software, tools, utilities to improve productivity and a whole host of other resources to make you highly effective.

Who is this course for?

Are you new to Artificial Intelligence Teaching? This course is for you!

  • Facilitators of our WiseCentral Courses

What's inside this Course


  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Get to Know WiselyWise

    • Whats the Experience

    • Get Ready with this Checklist

    • Free AI eBook

  • 2


    • WiseCentral

    • WiseCentral - AI Education from WiselyWise

    • AICentral

    • SupportCentral

    • SOPHOS

  • 3


    • AI for Classes 3-6

    • AI for Classes 7-8

    • AI for Classes 9-12

    • Basics of AI without the Hype

    • Conversational AI - Foundation

  • 4

    The WiselyWise Method

    • Get Started

    • Teaching Guide

    • AI for Classes 3 to 6 Curriculum Plan

    • AI for Classes 7 to 8 Curriculum Plan

    • AI for Classes 9 to 12 Curriculum Plan

    • Basics of AI without the Hype Curriculum Plan

    • Conversational AI - Foundation

    • AI Curriculum Plan

    • Sample Digital Portfolio

    • Let's Learn AI Part 1

    • Let's Learn AI Part 2

    • Let's Learn AI Part 3

    • Let's Learn AI Part 4

  • 5

    Tools to Aid Your Work

    • Live Classes

    • Conducting Q & A

    • Bingo Game

  • 6


    • Mid Assessment : How To for Students

    • Mid Assessment Parameters

    • Grading Rubric

    • How to Purchase Courses on WiseCentral

    • Certificate of Completion Template

    • Useful Links

    • Contacts

    • Lecture - AI in Corporate World

    • Intro to AI Careers

    • AI Keynote

    • Peer Learning Session

    • Prep Document

    • Answers to Crossword Puzzle

    • Answers to Crossword Puzzle

  • 7

    Reference - Videos

    • AI for K-12

    • Launch of Conversational AI

    • MoU Signing

    • AI Labs Inauguration

    • Summer Holiday Classes in AI

    • Testimonial

    • AI Bootcamp for Junior School

  • 8

    Master Project

    • Intro & Learning Outcomes

    • Get Inspired

    • Think Big -Theme & Topic Selection

    • AI with your Family Challenge

  • 9


    • Reference Books

  • 10

    Completion Steps

    • Confirmation List

    • Exam

    • Survey

  • 11

    Reference Resources

    • Important : Terms of Use & Legal Notice

    • Handbook Class 8

    • Facilitator Handbook Classes 9 to 12

    • AI Integration Manual

    • AI Project Showcase


Learn from the Best

WiselyWise Team

Expert Instructors

WiselyWise team comprises of Senior Industry Experts, Academics, Thought Leaders, and Domain specialists. Together they have created an industry-relevant, skill-focused course based on solid Learning methodologies. The team also presents to Live classes worldwide, engages in Research, Consults senior executives and executes real-world projects. You can bank on their decades long expertise and experience for your course.

What do you get

We have included custom value-adds so you get more return for your money invested in this course

  • You get full course access 24 hours for a full year

  • Blockchain based Digital Completion Certificate

  • You can use any Device to access the course as our platform is fully responsive

  • Free Access to Invite-Only Community

  • Free and Complete Access to updated Knowledgebase

  • Free Course Updates for One Full Year

  • Automatically Earn Money by becoming our Affiliate

  • Multiple Support Channels


  • What are the pre-requisites for this course?

    You need to be comfortable using a computer. There are no programming pre-requisites for this course.

  • How long do I have access?

    you have access for one full year ( 12 months) from the date of your joining.

  • I dont have a Computer Science background. Can I still join?

    Yes you can join. The course has been designed with everyone in mind.

  • What courses should I take after this course?

    Please check the Learning Paths link at the Top of the page. you can then decide to buy the next suitable course here.

  • I am keen, What resources do I need to start learning?

    Great! After you enroll in the course, you will automatically get access to the course content. You just need a good computer, strong internet connection and Chrome browser.

  • Will you ask me to buy additional resources after I start the course?

    No, you need not buy any other resources after you enroll. During the course we may refer to resources for your understanding but we don't insist that you buy the same.

  • I have more questions. Where can I search for answers?

    We like your interest. You can click on our Knowledgebase link for additional questions and answers:

  • How long is the Course?

    This is not meant to be completed! Are you surprised? Yes, we meant it. As this course will be constantly updated based on student feedback and our ongoing research in teaching practices. So keep studying till your enrollment gets over!

What Our Students Say

The Final Validation

“Shri. Chandrakumar has a wide knowledge in the fields of Artificial Intelligence & IoT. He delivered a lecture to our MBA students on the importance of AI and it was well received and highly appreciated by the audience. His previous leadership positions including CTO at Dell helps him to justify his current enhancement work in AI domain. Its my privilege of knowing such an eminent personality in the field of technology management. I wish WiselyWise, Singapore shall help the young minds across the globe. ”

Dr. B.Arul Senthil MBA, M.Phil, Ph. D, Assistant Professor MBA Dept Acharya Bangalore Business School

“The session of AI by the founder of WiselyWise was very informative, he talked about how the AI taking place in every fields. i.e. Education, Agriculture, Business, etc. This session is all about how the students can learn AI and the progress they are making towards their learning goals. ”

Ms.Shalini KS, I MBA, ABBS Bangalore

“It was a very interactive session. I got to know the importance of AI in today’s era and its upcoming impact on future scenario. I am looking forward to work with this technique and enhance myself in a more efficient way. Because AI is not just a important topic but by far, the most prominent thing in coming years.”

Ms. Ruby, I MBA ABBS Bangalore

“The session with Shri. Chandrakumar, Founder of WiselyWise was about AI was very useful to me and he emphasized the importance of AI.”

Dinesh KG, I MBA ABBS Bangalore.



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