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You have been wanting to break into China, the world's largest consumer market. You know the market is fiercely competitive and hear names like Alibaba, WeChat who stop at nothing to win in their market. You are naturally worried about language barriers. Relax! You are at the right place. You need this high quality course that can provide you with the deep insights to succeed in China and with Chinese Consumers. This complete 8-module masterclass is the best way to get actionable insights on China’s market, its modern consumers and Chinese social media marketing and selling. Ashley has been teaching her signature China Digital Marketing Masterclasses for the past 3 years in Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia and many other countries. Every masterclass is different because China changes fast and she is determined to bring you only the very best and latest insights. This course consists of high-quality video recordings and is supplemented with presentations, downloadable content and tests after each module. After completing these 8 modules, you’ll be a China marketing expert, equipped with knowledge and actionable insights. and you are ready to be successful in China and with the largest spending consumers on this planet. See you on the other side soon!
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Who is this course for?

Does the China Market make you a little overwhelmed? Need a big picture to make everything make sense? you are at the right place!

  • Management Executives who need a high quality course to educate their teams on Marketing to China Consumers

  • Digital Marketers who need to bolster their knowledge for the Chinese market

  • Business Owners who rely on the Chinese consumer to grow their business

What will you learn

Highlights of your takeaways

  • You’ll gain a deep understanding of the China market and how to succeed in 2019

  • You’ll understand the habits of and latest trends for modern Chinese consumers

  • You’ll form an in-depth understanding of China’s digital media landscape and how it’s different from the rest of the world

  • You’ll get a comprehensive understanding of China’s major digital platforms such as WeChat and Weibo

  • You’ll understand the importance of cooperating with different types of Chinese KOLs to influence consumers at different stages of their decision-making process

  • You’ll also learn about other emerging platforms like Douyin, RED, Bilibili, Toutiao and more.

  • You’ll learn how to find the right KOLs for your brand and how to audit them

  • You’ll learn how to launch effective social media campaigns in China

  • After completing the 8-module masterclass, you’ll be the China marketing expert in your organization. You can be your company’s point person, knowing how to stay on top of the latest trends and events.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    China’s Market, Consumers & Digital Trends

    • Introduction

    • Overview of the China Market 1

    • Overview of the China Market 2

    • Modern Chinese Consumers Overview

    • Overview of China's Marketing Sales Channels

    • China Digital Trends

    • Lecture Material

    • Quiz

  • 2

    WeChat – A 360° Understanding of China’s Most Powerful Social Media

    • Overview of WeChat Social Networking

    • Overview of WeChat Official Account

    • Overview of WeChat Mini Program Payments

    • Driving Followers To Your WeChat

    • Enlarge Followers WeChat Advertising Options

    • Cases And Best Practices

    • Lecture Material

    • Quiz

  • 3

    Weibo-Winning on Weibo

    • Overview of Weibo for Marketing

    • Account Registration Verification

    • Weibo Customization

    • Developing a Solid Content Strategy : the 4-1-1 rule

    • Followers Acquisition and Development

    • Weibo's newest features and the future of the platform

    • Case Studies

    • Lecture Material

    • Quiz

  • 4

    What's Next in China's Digital Space

    • Next in Chinese Digital Space

    • How to Win on Douyin

    • How to Leverage the boom : China's hottest Xiaohongshu and Toutiao

    • New Alternative to Major Platforms : Bilibili

    • B2B Marketing in China Discover Zhihu 1

    • B2B Marketing in China Discover Zhihu 2

    • Lecture Material

    • Quiz

  • 5

    Social Media Campaigns - How to Run Effective SMM Campaigns in China

    • Six Types of Campaigns that work in Chinese Social Media

    • Step by Step Guide to launch a Successful Campaign

    • WeChat & Weibo Campaign Rules to watch out for

    • Case Studies

    • Lecture Material

    • Quiz

  • 6

    Chinese Key Opinion Leaders- How to effectively work with Chinese KOLs

    • Find and Audit your KOLs before Promotion 1

    • Overview of KOL Industry in China

    • How and How much will you pay

    • Find and Audit your KOLs before Promotion 2

    • Case Studies

    • Lecture Material

    • Quiz

  • 7

    How to Reach and Attract Chinese Tourists

    • Chinese Tourism Industry Overview

    • Modern Chinese Tourists : Who are they and what do they want

    • How to sell to Chinese Tourists

    • The Best way to market to Chinese Travellers : KOLs, Cross-Border Ads, WOM, Guide Websites

    • Is your shop ready? Three Things you can do now to Double your Sales from Chinese Tourists

    • Lecture Material

    • Quiz

  • 8

    How Technology is Setting a New Reality in China and the World

    • Introduction

    • The Smart China you have never seen before 1

    • The Smart China you have never seen before 2

    • The "New" in China's New Retail

    • Overview of Alibaba's New REtail, JD's Boundaryless Retail and Tencent's Smart Retail Consumer's shopping journey

    • Consumer's shopping journey - Unified Channel : Merging Social Media & Retail and LST Retail

    • Lecture Material

    • Quiz

  • 9


    • Certificate Process


Ashley Galina Dudarenok

Master Instructor

Ashley is a China marketing expert, agency owner, keynote speaker and three-time bestselling author. She is the founder of several China-focused businesses, including social media agency Alarice and marketing training company ChoZan. In the past 3 years, Ashley has taught over 4,500+ students across 16 countries how to craft an effective China strategy, understand modern Chinese consumers and reach them on local social media platforms without using Google, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.

What do you get

We have included custom value-adds so you get more return for your money invested in this course

  • You get full course access 24 hours x 7 days

  • Digital Completion Certificate

  • You can use any Device to access the course as our platform is fully responsive

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  • When can I get my certificate?

    You will get your certificate once you complete the course

  • Can I get a Refund?

    There are no refunds for this particular course

  • Can I purchase for many team members?

    Yes, you can. please Contact us either through the Contact Us Link or other channels of communication. We will contact you back ASAP.


All the Validation from our students

“"This course is fantastic! I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in the market."”

Anna Zhao, Norway China Business Hub

“"Great and relevant content! Professional and knowledgeable speaker with contagious energy. Excellent examples shared during the presentation."”

Michelle Ng, Harley-Davidson

“"This training was extremely insightful for our team! As a renowned speaker in Asia, Ashley is an expert when it comes to introducing Chinese landscape clearly and ensuring a smooth skills transfer for any audience who attends her training."”

Albin Lix, Founder & Managing Director at Digital Business Lab

“"The masterclass was informative, immensely useful and relevant. Wow!"”

Mohamed Razil, Temasek

“"It was great! The masterclass was professional, very educational, up-to-date and extremely entertaining."”

Xi Chen , Bing Bang Aps

“"Very informative. Real life cases. A benefit in every way!"”

Stefanie Chiu, GM Marketing & Communications at Li & Fung

“"The masterclass provided brand new knowledge on what’s happening in China right now, as well as useful tips on what’s worth doing and what’s not."”

Joyce Lam, Link Asset Management Limited

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