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Artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere. Experts claim that artificial intelligence is bringing the next industrial revolution, Just as Electricity did decades ago. This is important with every major change That children be provided with the right education to be ready. Artificial Intelligence prepared for the future.

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    This is the perfect First-level AI Skills course which provides the necessary guidance for your stable future

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    You gain a strong foundation in AI as you learn from the Concepts and progress into Technology

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    You get a Holistic Learning aligned to the Best Global Curriculum Standards in Artificial Intelligence

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    1. About the Program, Welcome note and Agenda

    1. Introduction to AI & Terms and Definition

    2. Curriculum

    3. AI Applications

    4. Machine Learning

    1. Introduction to WiseCentral

    1. Alexa Blueprint skill

    1. Poll

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WiselyWise team comprises of Senior Industry Experts, Academics, Thought Leaders, and Domain Specialists. Together they have created an industry-relevant, skill-focused course based on solid learning methodologies. The team also presents to Live classes worldwide engages in Research, Consults senior executives and executes real-world projects. You can bank on their decades long expertise and experience for your course.

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  • $200.00

    Special price


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