What is this Course About


Artificial Intelligence seems to be everywhere. Experts claim AI is the Next Industrial Revolution bringing in changes as Electricity did decades back. With every massive change it’s important that children are provided the right education to become ready. Ready for an AI Future. At WiselyWise we have been researching and working on the right Curriculum for School students. We wanted to ensure the content and intensity is appropriate for different age groups. What’s more we obtained permission from leading AI Expert groups to use their IP in our curriculum. We also aligned our curriculum to some of the leading AI Curriculum proposed by Government Policy bodies across the world. Our Expert team has delivered live classes in AI and using the feedback from such classes developed a highly interactive course for students. We know school students may not be exposed to advanced topics in Maths and other subjects. Many of them may not even be exposed to Programming or might not Computer Science as a subject. Keeping this in mind we went ahead and designed the course in a fun and easy way which will help every student learn AI with confidence. Our Teaching Pedagogy revolves around Three Pillars – Students Learn through Listening, through Doing and through Interacting. This will structure their thinking in line with Bloom’s taxonomy of reaching the highest level that is Creating Original Work. This is in complete contrast to a school-based system which emphasizes rote learning and focusses on grades only. So, if you have been looking for the correct guidance - Relax! Your Search for a quality course ends here. You can get started in this Basics of AI course which will help you understand what AI is all about. A Course that will provide you with a solid foundation in AI Concepts and is meant for students from all fields even those without a programming or Computer Science background. In just 40 hours, you will become fluent in AI and this course will fundamentally transform your thinking. You will move away from how you traditionally think about Computer Science to thinking in the new era of Artificial Intelligence. You will know about the origins of AI, Timeline of AI and the Pioneers who made it all possible. The course will introduce you to the main applications in AI starting from Chatbots and moving onto Robotics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing. You will also witness how organizations are using AI to win in their industries. We will cover Ethics, Regulations so you get a holistic view. You will learn from Videos, Multimedia, Audio, PDFs, eBooks and a number of other formats which enhance your learning. Your learning will get re-inforced through hands-on Experiments. We also have tucked in Quizzes, Assignments, and Projects so you get a Complete Digital Portfolio, as proof of your hard work, by the time you complete the course. You get access to an invite-only Community of Students where you can get more information about this exciting field and discuss those with other students. And Yes, before we forget, you get your shiny new based Digital Certificate as your course completion credential. More importantly, you will gain the confidence to chart your future in a World increasingly dominated by AI.

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  • High School Students who need an interactive course which will get them started in AI

  • Parents who are concerned about their children learning outdated Skills and aren't sure how to select the right AI course

  • Principals who are looking to quickly update their student’s AI Knowledge without too much hassle and need Zero Interruption in regular Academic schedules

  • School Management who need a Cost-effective, Reliable,Proven and high quality AI Partner with right credentials in the Education space

Why Should you join this Course

Don't miss this chance to get ahead in your life

  • Correct

    This is the perfect First-level AI Skills course which provides the necessary guidance for your stable future

  • Conceptual

    You gain a strong foundation in AI as you learn from the Concepts and progress into Technology.

  • Comprehensive

    You get a Holistic Learning aligned to the Best Global Curriculum Standards in Artificial Intelligence.

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By the end of this course, you'll learn how to...

  • Visualize breakthrough Solutions

    Learn how AI can solve Big problems in Society and how you can use AI in your daily life

  • Position yourself

    Learning AI Concepts will provide you a strong foundation. You will be able to showcase your knowledge and skills while applying for your higher studies and to win global competitions

  • Plan your future

    You will get to know about multiple AI topics. This will help you and your parents on what to study next and what AI Skills to acquire

What's inside this Course


  • 1

    Start Assessment

    • Start Assessment

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Intro & Learning Outcomes

    • What is this Class about

    • Whats the Experience

    • Get Ready with this Checklist

    • Important Points

    • Your Digital Portfolio

    • Robot Revolution

    • Sample Digital Portfolio

    • Free AI eBook

    • You did it!

  • 3

    Introduction to AI

    • Learning Outcomes

    • What is AI

    • Breaking News

    • Introducing AI

    • Robotics in the Real World

    • AI in Sports

    • Pizzas by Robots

    • AI is the New Electricity

    • Experiment

    • Assignment

    • Introduction to AI

    • Class Survey

  • 4

    AI in Daily Life

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Grammar & AI - 1

    • Grammar & AI - 2

    • Assignment : Grammar & AI

    • Creativity : Video Generation

    • How is AI Used

    • Design Assistance - 1

    • Design Assistance - 2


    • Project 1: Video Generation

    • Project 2 : Create your Website

    • Music Composition with AI

    • Compose your Own Music with AI

    • Class Survey

  • 5

    AI Terms & Definitions

    • Terms & Definitions

    • Lesson Outcomes

    • AI Vocabulary

    • Experiment 1

    • Experiment 2

    • Quiz

    • Class Survey

  • 6

    Basic Concepts

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Introducing the AI Ideas

    • Ideas

    • Ideas_Poster

    • Quiz

    • Big Five Ideas - Perception

    • Big Five Ideas - Representation and Reasoning

    • Big Five Ideas - Learning

    • Big Five Ideas - Natural Interaction

    • Big Five Ideas - Societal Impact

    • Class Survey

  • 7

    Achievement 1: Website Developer

    • Website Developer

    • Website Developer

  • 8

    Python for AI

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Welcome to the World of Python

    • Introduction to Python 1

    • Introduction to Python 2

    • Where to Code in Python

    • Getting Started with Python

    • Python REPL

    • Operators 1

    • Operators 2

    • Variables and Constants

    • Strings

    • Print

    • Comments and Printing Pt. 1

    • Basic Variables and Printing Pt. 2

    • Write your First Python Program !!

    • Keywords and Identifiers !

    • Datatypes

    • Flow of control and conditions

    • If Else Statements

    • Loops

    • Calculator Using Python

    • Lists 1

    • Lists 2

    • Lists 3

    • Functions 1

    • Functions 2

    • Execute Your first function in code

    • Classes

    • Project - Guess the number !!

    • Project - Circular Prime Number

  • 9

    AI Project Cycle

    • Lesson Outcomes

    • Stages in AI Project Cycle

    • Problem Scoping

    • Data acquisition

    • Data Exploration

    • Modelling

    • Rule Based Approach

    • Decision Tree

    • Learning Approach

    • AI Project Cycle : Trivia

  • 10

    Achievement 2: Python Programmer

    • Python Programmer

    • Python Programmer Badge Download

  • 11

    Math for AI

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Math for AI

  • 12

    Mobile App Development

    • Learning Outcomes

    • App Platform 1

    • App Platform 1 Overview

    • Image Recognition App

    • Image Recognition

    • Sign In the mobile app

    • Let's test the Image Recognition App on the mobile!

    • Creating Thunkable App

    • Let's test the App!

  • 13

    Achievement 3 : Mobile App Developer

    • Achievement: Mobile App Developer

    • Mobile App Developer Badge

  • 14

    Conversational AI

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Trot the Bot

    • Conversational AI Introduction

    • Quiz-Conversational AI

    • Class survey

    • Intro to Alexa

    • Why Build Alexa Skills?

    • How an Alexa Skill Works

    • Interacting With a Skill

    • Voice Design

    • Characteristics

    • What is alexa ?

    • Last Year stats !!

    • What is a skill?

    • Why should we create skills?

    • User Guide to access Alexa Skills

    • Steps to access Alexa Skills using Mobile

    • Getting Started 1 - Alexa Blueprints

    • Getting Started 2 - Alexa Blueprints

    • Build Alexa Blueprint Skill

    • Testing the Alexa skill

    • Publishing to Skillstore

    • License

  • 15

    Computer Vision

    • Lesson Outcomes

    • Computer Vision Overview

    • Activity - Plant net

    • Assignment

    • Class Survey

  • 16

    Natural Language Processing

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Natural Language Processing Overview

    • Experiment

    • Assignment

    • Text Recognition

    • Information Extraction

    • Speech processing

    • Fun Activity - ML Trivia

    • Class Survey

  • 17

    Achievement 4 : Conversational AI Developer

    • Conversational AI Developer

    • Conversational AI Developer Badge Download

  • 18

    Machine Learning

    • Learning outcomes

    • Machine Learning Intro

    • Game 1

    • Use Case - Colors

    • Assignment - Color

    • Machine Learning Project using Python


    • Class Survey

  • 19


    • Learning Outcomes

    • AI in Robotics

    • Quiz - Robotics

    • Survey

  • 20

    AI & Society

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Intro to SDG

    • SDG Targets

    • AI Ethics : AI for Good

    • Ethical Issues in AI

    • Class Survey

  • 21

    Achievement 5 : Machine Learning

    • Achievement: Machine Learning Developer

    • Machine Learning Developer Badge

  • 22

    Capstone Project

    • Capstone Project

    • Carbon Calculator Voice AI Project

    • Testing the App

  • 23

    End of Course Assessment

    • End of Course Assessment

  • 24


    • Bonus Resources

  • 25


    • End of Course Survey


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WiselyWise team comprises of Senior Industry Experts, Academics, Thought Leaders, and Domain specialists. Together they have created an industry-relevant, skill-focused course based on solid Learning methodologies. The team also presents to Live classes worldwide, engages in Research, Consults senior executives and executes real-world projects. You can bank on their decades long expertise and experience for your course.
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  • You get full course access 24 hours for a full year

  • Digital Completion Certificate

  • You can use any Device to access the course as our platform is fully responsive

  • Free Access to Invite-Only Community

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  • Free Course Updates for One Full Year

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  • What are the pre-requisites for this course?

    You need to be comfortable using a computer. There are no programming pre-requisites for this course.

  • How long do I have access?

    you have access for one full year ( 12 months) from the date of your joining.

  • I dont have a Computer Science background. Can I still join?

    Yes you can join. The course has been designed with everyone in mind.

  • What courses should I take after this course?

    Please check the Learning Paths link at the Top of the page. you can then decide to buy the next suitable course here.

  • I am keen, What resources do I need to start learning?

    Great! After you enroll in the course, you will automatically get access to the course content. You just need a good computer, strong internet connection and Chrome browser.

  • Will you ask me to buy additional resources after I start the course?

    No, you need not buy any other resources after you enroll. During the course we may refer to resources for your understanding but we don't insist that you buy the same.

  • I have more questions. Where can I search for answers?

    We like your interest. You can click on our Knowledgebase link for additional questions and answers:

  • How long is the Course?

    We have timed the course to be completed in 40 hours. You could do one hour every week and still comfortably complete it in a year.

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